Step 1-Design

Step one consist of exploring your options in regards to budget, property location, reviewing floor plans, and choosing selections so we can come up with a budget and plan that fits your specific lifestyle. Preliminary pricing will be about 80% accurate as the final cost will come once the plan has gone through drafting and engineering.

Step 2-Agreement

Step Two is the where the agreement is signed and a deposit is collected.
This will allow the ordering of the soils report and obtain a Structural engineer to design a foundation specific to the soils report and truss design.
This is the time that you can make up two plan revisions after that one plan is final; there will be a $200.00 fee per change after final plans are drafted.
Once final drawings are completed a 90% accurate quote will be provided to you.
An appointment will be set up to meet with our designer to choose your selections based on your plans and budget.
Once completed we would like to have your final selections back to us within 72 hours so that we can proceed in the process to step 3. If additional color consulting time is required it will be an additional $50.00 hour fee that is obtained at the time of the appointment.

Step 3-Final Quote

The final step in the process is where we are able to give you a final quote based on the completed set of plans and selections.
Once we have received your approval and signature on the completed plans, soils report, drainage plan, engineered foundation, truss/floor design, cabinet/lighting layout, and job details we are ready to start construction of your new home.